Casual days or special dates, these chunky necklaces are the perfect melange of chic and classy. Wear them solo or pair them up, these beauties are just fashionably functional.

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Wear it everyday or on occasions, our dainty bracelets are designed to be versatile! Sterling silver glossed with gold or rose gold, delicately studded and highlighted with a pop of colour; they are the epitome of bold & beautiful.

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Clash comes from a chaotic state of my mind, the shapes of these pieces are simple, yet intricate. The Gemstones settings collaborated with the pop of enamel is the clash of two bold styles, etched into one. This is a transition of worlds colliding, this collection a mix of shapes, colors, sizes, textures ranging from a varied vision.

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One of a kind cocktail rings with semi-precious gemstones like Moonstone, Labradorite, Onyx, and more. Specially designed to stand out, these rings are your perfect companion for a night out in the town. 


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Classic day to night earrings to go with any aesthetic - simple and studded to keep your fashion game strong! Colorful enamel with gold, silver, or rose gold, take your pick!


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Simple yet elegant, our enamel dash rings are perfect to add a pop of colour and complete any look!

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Mothers Day gift guide

Cause mums the world & she deserves the best.

We got you covered with beautiful fine & demi-fine Jewelry she wouldn't want to take off! 

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Forgetting your mask at home is easy, forgetting your jewelry is not! Our convertible mask chain is here to make sure you always have your mask when in need, without keeping it on dirty surfaces. Be safe & suave.

Don't need to wear your mask? Easily remove it from the hinge closures and connect them together as a necklace or hook them on to your sunglasses or AirPods with the silicon converters.

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Orbital Spring

Inspired by celestial movements around a star, translated into elliptical embellished jewelry. Pave setting is made up of many small gemstones, which are set closely together - Much like the galaxy and it’s stars. This collection is a union of stars meeting flora, from the unusual orbit shapes to pastel colors and vibrant gemstones. Each piece is handcrafted in Jaipur. 

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Elevate your summer with hand-beaded wristlet/phone charms. Perfect to attach to your phone, handbags, or airpod case. Perfect color pop for the summer, limited edition only!

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Stack & style with our signature enamel pieces or go bold with our one of a kind cocktail rings. From the bestselling Enamel baguette ring to our most liked Wrap-up ring, made with love to elevate your everyday! 



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Channel your inner boss babe with a Signet ring and keep slaying in style. These rings are sure to convert those bad vibes into good ones!

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Soirée is for an intimate night of music, conversations, and bringing on the season to sparkle with our gorgeous cocktail collection pieces. Hand-made with natural gemstones, each carrying a significance to the piece designed for. Dwell into an exclusive collection designed to stand out in a gathering. 




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Classy and versatile, wear just one or stack em’ all together for a look that works both ways - work or play! Stacking rings can go all the way!

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Treat the one you love with a strand of love, including a Semi-Precious gemstone with a unique meaning, a matching heart enamel charm, attached to a gold plated paperclip chain & a Lunaya logo tag.

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Ear game essentials, our studs are uniquely made to fit your aesthetic. Once you put them on, you wouldn't want to take them off.

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