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Fine and Demi-Fine Jewelry | Lunaya Jewelry

The Rise of Demi-Fine Jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry is here to stay - and we’re all for it! 


Fine and Demi-Fine Jewelry

Ever been at crossroads about jewelry choices? Can't afford fine jewelry, but cosmetic jewelry just doesn't go with your flair? Then demi-fine is the option you're looking for. Demi-fine jewelry is the answer to your dilemma - a mix of alloys, precious metals and semi-precious stones, it is the perfect fit to suit your preferences! 

Chic or basic, who doesn’t love a good accessory that goes with any ensemble, right? A fun date or formal event, these versatile pieces are in vogue!

Gone are the days when jewelry shopping was limited to the grandeur of weddings, parties or special occasions, it’s universally casual now! As fashion trends come and go, demi-fine jewelry has prevailed, seamlessly bridging the gap between the typically traditional and chunky cosmetic jewelry with a sprinkling of contemporary charm and chic! 

Trail the trend 

Speaking of fashion trends, sustainability has been at the forefront, and Lunaya is no exception. A homegrown brand based out of the gemstone capital of Rajasthan, Lunaya keeps it simple and sustainable. All gems are ethically sourced and all products handcrafted with an attention to detail so particular, there’s a lot more to the design than what meets the eye.

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The millennial mix ‘n’ match 

Cosmetic jewelry is so last season, right? What’s better is that with demi-fine, there’s always room to personalize. Dressing traditionally? You can always match our Uneven Boundless Bracelets or Baguette Rings with your traditional jhumkis or nose rings! It works the other way round as well, with Lunaya’s range of chunky necklaces and studded earrings accompanying your classic casual attire. 

Aesthetic Inspiration 

Every product has a story which is then actualized to set the tone for you. Lunaya’s slow fashion jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver glossed with 10K solid gold, or rose gold. Embrace the aesthetic of demi-fine jewelry; on their own, stacked or even mismatched, demi-fine can create an aesthetically pleasing addition to your collection! 

Drop by here and find your favourites! 

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